Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Things (Outside Of Your Closet) That Need A Clean Up This Spring

We hear it every year, spring is the time to de-clutter your home which helps to de-clutter your life.This spring do more than just a little house cleaning and tidy up these other parts of your life! 

Clear Your Mind

Our minds can take a beating in the winter. Scientists have linked vitamin D, what we lack in the winter, as something that helps promote brain function.

Soak up the sunshine to help find clarity!

For those in school, spring brings about conversations on what you’ll be doing with your summer and rest of the year. If you’re graduating, it can be a stressful time. Below are a few ways to clear your mind:
Write a Goal List

Having goals and writing them down can inspire you to do the work to help you keep on track. Think of the big over-arching questions such as 'What can I see myself doing in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years'. 
Take Up Meditation

Our schedules are often jam packed throughout the week. Sometimes we don’t realize the toll that it takes on our body and mind. To clear your mind and help with focus, you may want to try meditation. Meditation classes are offered under instructional programs in DBAC. The next course will start on May 12th. If you can't make this one, hit up YouTube!
Find a Positive Outlook

Complaining and paying attention to negative energy only bring you down! By channeling positive thinking, you can reduce stress, and lead a more productive life. Go back to basics and learn to enjoy the simple things in life! Communicate well and listen to internal dialogue.

Freshen Up Your Workout

We’re all guilty of it, being slaves of routine in our lives including our workout. Why not use the spring to change it up and challenge that body! Below are some ways you can switch up your workout:

·         If You’re A Treadmill Runner

Take it to the roads! With the weather finally changing its tune, you can change yours too. Challenge your body by running on the road or on the trails. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of that vitamin D.
The Pulse offers run clubs in the fall and sometimes throughout the summer, so key an eye on those for added motivation.

·         You Love The Lift

We all love a little strength training for the many benefits it provides us. Switch it up and try our TRX Suspension Training classes. A great way to challenge your strength, it requires you to use your own body weight. Using vector resistance, you’re able to make each lift harder or easier based on where you’re standing. TRX is an 8 week program starting May 7th, so keep an eye out for the sign-up! Only 8 spots available!
     Cardio Is Your BFF

Great for the heart, great for the brain, but cardio can sometimes get old. Add some strength training into the mix. Got some Questions? Feel free to reach out to one of The Pulse’s Personal Trainers, or hit up a Strength Challenge class!

Digitally De-Clutter

·         Tidy Your Files

All those different files can start to take over your computer. Use spring as a time to go through them, delete what you don’t need, and organize your work. Organizing things by year is a great first step to see things on a macro level. From there, add folders accordingly and stick to your organization scheme!

·         Back Up Your Work

While sometimes computers can be our best friends, they can also become our worst enemies. If you haven’t experienced some sort of dramatic computer saga, consider yourself lucky. Try to keep it that way by backing up all the files you need to keep for the future. You can use something like Dropbox or purchase an external hard-drive.

Pick A New Password

It helps to safe guard your stuff! Experts say to change your password for your computer, email, bank account, and social media networks every 1-3 months. 

Happy Cleaning!


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