Wednesday, March 12, 2014

10 Clean Eating Tips We Think Work (And We're Not Nutritionists!)

While they're not necessarily nutritionists at The Pulse, they're lucky enough to be exposed to lots of nutrition information, including some from our own Holistic Nutritionist, Dianna, in the David Braley Sport Medicine Centre

Since it’s #NationalNutritionMonth, we’re looking at our own eating habits. We all know that sound eating habits have the ability to improve sport performance, so providing your body with the right type of fuel is essential, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle.

The following tips are brought to you by The Pulse staff. Everyone is different, so hopefully if you’re not already following some of these, you find a few to keep in your back pocket for the month!

1. Eat Your Veggies First –An Avid Snacker at The Pulse
Eat your veggies first during a meal, that way you fill up on the good stuff you need and won’t be too full to eat them later!

2. Eat Less From A Box –Jake (Yoga Instructor)
Boxed food is usually full of preservatives, chemicals, and hosts many ingredients that you’re likely unable to pronounce. Jake works on eating more whole and natural foods; the less chemicals, the better.

3. Write it Down –Lori (Cycling instructor)
Like many of us, Lori often finds herself with a very busy schedule. She likes to write down what she’s going to eat for the day. She finds that this helps her to stick to a plan and not stray too far to less than healthy choices!

4. Eat Less CRAP (Carbonated Drinks, Refined Sugars, Artificial Sweeteners, Processed Foods) & Eat More FOOD (Fruits & Veggies, Organic Lean Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Drink Water)Laura (Fitness & Wellness Coordinator)
Laura’s mantra is great because it doesn't focus on perfection, but rather, progress. Once you start eating less CRAP, your body will naturally stop wanting it as much. Fill up with FOOD and your body will thank you!

5. Drink Lots Of Water –Chelsea (Trainer)
Chelsea uses an app to ensure she continually drinks water throughout the day called ‘Water Your Body’. For people who are on the move all day, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to keeping sipping! If an app isn’t your thing, put measured increments or times on your water bottle so you have a goal to be working towards.

6. Do Your Research –Blair (Dietitian, Fitness Instructor, Cycling Instructor)
With all the information out there, it can sometimes be hard to find valid information. Blair likes Dietitian, Leslie Beck. When reading about certain topics, just be sure that you find research to back it up. You can check out Leslie’s website here:

7. Love Your Healthy Filler—Aravind (Trainer, President, McMcaster MBA Association)
We’ve all witnessed and maybe succumbed to filler. It’s those empty calorie items that can cause a spike in your blood sugar. Instead of reaching for them, there are lots of alternatives! Aravind likes to make ‘mashed potatoes’ with cauliflower. He blends cauliflower with spices and a bit of non-dairy milk. He tells us it’s ‘wayyyy good’!

8. Cook Your Own Food!—Mariam (Fitness Instructor)
Instead of going out for lunch and dinner, cook your own meal. Not only will this allow you to know exactly what’s going into your body, but it will also save you a ton of money.

9. Keep It Simple—Lauren (Fitness Instructor, Cycling Instructor)
Nutrition has gone from simple (many, many, years ago!) to complicated with all the information out there. Try not to over think it, and eat clean about 80% of the time.

For an interesting video on how simple nutrition can be, check this out!  

10.Eat In Colour—Caylea (Fitness Instructor, Cycling Instructor, TRX Instructor)
Make sure you fill your plate with lots of different colour! The more the better! Caylea eats a big salad for lunch almost every day. She fills it with lots of greens and tries to keep it nutrient dense. 

The Sport Medicine Centre now offers Nutrition Coaching as they understand how important nutrition is to a person's overall health! There are so many things linked to nutrition, some you may not even think of! If you've struggled with energy levels, skin problems, or digestive issues, come see Dianna and she can help you get back on track!


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