Friday, January 24, 2014

It's A Pull-Up Party

                                 So you want to add some pull-ups to your routine? Let’s do it!

While the pull-up proves to be a demanding exercise for many, they have an endless list of benefits and are a great way to challenge the back.

We’re pushing you to give them a try next week! Due to their difficulty, we’re giving you modified options so that you can work up to them without any assistance!

Personal Training Director, Leslie, Gives Us The 411 On Adding Pull Ups Into Your Routine.

“If you’re looking to add pull ups into your routine, remember that practice makes perfect” Leslie says. “As with any lift, you’re more likely to see progress by adding variations at least 2-3x a week”, she adds.  

What’s One Of The Most Important Things With Form, Leslie? Do Tell!

“Shoulder positioning is one of the most important aspects of a pull-up” Leslie says. “You need to set your shoulders down so they don’t come up to your earlobes. By anchoring the shoulder blades on to the ribs, you create a stable starting position to pull from. This will prevent you from relying on small muscles to pull your body weight and instead engage bigger movers, like your lats”.

Join The Party With These 5 Pull-Up Variations
1.)    Horizontal Rows

These bad boys are great for building strength while using your own body weight. Using a bar in the squat rack, place it in one of the bottom rungs, just above your arm length. Lying on the ground, underneath the bar, set your grip so your hands are directly above your shoulders. Pull yourself up so your chest reaches the bar and your body is in one straight line. Your heels should still be on the ground. Start with knees bent, and progress to straight legs!

2.)    Isometric

The isometric hold is a great way to practice shoulder setting. This can be done at the top or the bottom of your pull-up. Hop up and hold yourself up for 10-15 seconds at a time while focusing on keeping your shoulders down and back.

3.)    Eccentric

The goal here is to resist your body weight on the way down and lower with control. Starting from the top of the bar, you’ll slowly lower yourself down for a count of 4-6 seconds until your arms are fully extended. Drop and repeat!

4.)    Band-Assisted

Our bands are located behind the front desk. The thicker the band, the easier it is. Loop the band around the bar or attach the handles. Place one or both feet into the band, and for a harder variation, try placing one knee in the band.  Make sure you are rotating which leg or foot you use each set!

5.)    Partner Assisted

Once you've built up a bit of strength, you may be ready to try a partner assisted pull-up. Just like any other exercise, getting someone to spot you is a great way to increase your reps. The best way to spot a pull-up is from behind and holding at the torso. This way the spotter can take some of your body weight off as you pull yourself up. Make sure the spotter isn't pushing you up the whole way, but only assisting when you need it!
As a last tip, you may also want to try rest-pause sets. Resting 10-15 seconds between reps can help you increase the number of reps you can do in each set!

We know you can do it, Pulse Nation!


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