Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Give The Gift Of Health This Season

5 Gifts For The Avid Fitness Lover

Lauren Neal 

With the holidays in full swing, we’re gearing up for a season of giving! If you’re struggling with gift ideas, look no further. These presents will delight the fitness lover in all of us.

1. Cell Phone

To make your time at the gym even more enjoyable, add some tunes. Bell Mobility offers awesome plans and cool phones; they’re literally music to our ears!  The iPhone 5c seems to be all the rage this season! With plenty of cool colours to choose from, you’ll be able to listen to your chosen tunes while completing your favourite exercises. This phone even comes with Apple headphones!  

2.  Deep Tissue Massage or Nutrition Package

For those who are constantly training, there’s nothing like a deep tissue massage to help with recovery! Our David Braley Sports Medicine Centre not only has massage, but will now be offering nutrition packages for those keen on learning more about nutrition. Perfect for those who are interested in jump starting their resolution! Our nutritionist, Dianna, uses a holistic approach when treating her patients so that they can benefit from more energy, a clear mind, and more!   

3. Maroon Shop Wear

Share your Marauder pride with your family through this hoodie! The perfect article of clothing to take anyone from the outdoors to inside the gym! Plus, it's on sale right now! 

4. Pita Pit Gift Card

For something tasty post-workout, why not gift your friend with a free pita! Pita Pit offers gift cards at different nominations, so you can satisfy even your hungriest of friends!  You can check out the menu here

5. TRX Suspension Trainer

One of the newest fitness crazes is suspension training or more specifically TRX. If you’ve got a friend that’s never given in a try, now is the perfect time! The package comes with instructional videos and you can set it up in your own home! And if you’re looking to learn more, The Pulse offers 3 TRX training courses a week and they’ll be starting in January! For information on TRX this term, check it out here


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