Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside! And I Like It!

5 Tips For An Optimal Workout In The Winter

Lauren Neal

As a long distance runner, one of my favourite times to run is in the cold. But don’t head out there unprepared! Here are 5 tips for an optimal outdoor workout in our winter weather!

1.       Have A Solid Warm-Up

Given the frigid temperatures, your body will likely require a warm-up that’s a little longer to get those muscles working. Your warm-up will also help to reduce your chances of injury. You should include dynamic stretches, which will help to loosen up muscles, improve range of motion, and raise body temperature.

2.       Stay Hydrated

While you may not think you’re sweating, you definitely still are! Be sure you’re well hydrated before your outdoor activity, bring a water bottle with you, if you feel necessary, and re-hydrate afterwards.

3.       Layer up!

Often times people will over-bundle; say no to parka running! Wearing layers helps to manage the combination of cold air, body heat, and sweat. You can remove a layer when you start to sweat and put it back on if you start to feel cold again.

4.       Don’t Be A Hero

With snowy and icy conditions, being careful on the road, or with whatever you’re doing outside, is even more crucial. Don’t look to the winter months to set any records, but rather, use them to build on distance at a slower pace. In a nutshell, think effort, not pace. Doing this will allow you to focus on speed in the nicer months!

5.       Keep Covered & Know The Warning Signs

Since our limbs are more susceptible to the cold, be sure you’re covering up your head, fingers, and toes. Invest in a great pair of gloves. A hat is also a safe bet since a large percentage of body heat is lost through the head. The first sign of frostbite is numbness, followed by a tingling or burning session. Hypothermia starts off with shivering and confusion. However, with the right clothing, you should be able to avoid these things!

But if you're still not feeling the cold weather for an outdoor workout, The Pulse offers classes indoors! Our Term 2 schedule should be up this week. 


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