Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

   With New Years' resolutions freshly made, and reading week vacations just around the corner, treadmill time at the Pulse is a hot commodity. At a time when all we want to do is get in, exercise, and get out, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is standing and waiting for the 12.5s... well, not me, anyway. So why do we do it? The sweat, the time, the energy, the torn muscles... what makes it all worth it for us?
   Having devoted, or re-devoted, ourselves to the pursuit of healthy lifestyles, I think that the New Year is a perfect time for reflecting on why it is important for us to stay fit, and why those treks to DBAC through the not-so-snowy winter weather are totally worth it.
   McMaster's own Dr. Matthew Kwan recently did a study of our student population, only to discover what we all already knew: for most of us, bad eating habits and drinking replace physical fitness more and more as we age, completely erasing - for most university students- what used to be time spent on team sports. But not us - we wait it out and put in the effort. Our stress levels are lower, our bodies leaner, our memories healthier - and I haven't even mentioned the endorphin rushes. So, if you're an old-hand at DBAC, welcome back - if you're new here, we're glad you came! Join our health-focused and motivated community, boost your self-esteem and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Be passionate about your fitness, and the results will speak for themselves.
   As for the Pulse, and waiting times: be smart! Over 25 000 of us go here, and we all can't work our booties off at the same time. Go early, go on the weekend, go between classes - just go!

Stay healthy, Hamilton.



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