Friday, May 2, 2014

What’s On Your Summer Bucket List? 5 Items From Pulse Staff

We’re switching up our usual #FormFridays to focus on a little #FunFriday!

With summer on the way, it’s time to start making that summer bucket list.

Research shows that people who write down their goals are 50-90% more likely to achieve them. 

So let’s do it!

First, the summer bucket list doesn't necessarily need to be extreme and outright crazy. Items included can also be simple and things that will make you happy. If you view it as a list for self-improvement, hopefully you’ll be able to find meaning and fulfillment in everything on it.

You've seen them at the gym, maybe even attended their classes, see what these 5 instructors have on their bucket list for the summer. 

1.      Improve My Golf Swing –Sara (Cycling Instructor)

Along with spending more time with her family, Sara is hoping to focus on her golf game by taking lessons in order to improve!

2.      Pick up Meditation – Lauren (Cycling Instructor, Fitness Instructor)

With a busy schedule, Lauren sometimes finds it hard to be mindful and live in the moment. In hopes of changing that, she’s planning to pick up meditation. It just so happens that there’s meditation classes being offered through recreation's instructional programs. To join Lauren, take a look at the instructional programs offered for summer. They start this Monday, May 5th. (Plus, first class is free!)

3.      Take More Advanced Yoga – Blair (Fitness Instructor, Cycling Instructor, Dietician)

Blair has been practicing yoga since the fall. She’s been doing beginner/intermediate classes and unlike high school, where she didn’t like yoga, she was surprised at how much she enjoyed the slower pace. Plus, she found that yoga can actually be very challenging and has seen improvements with her flexibility. This summer, she’s going to try out more advanced classes and work towards mastering the side crow and handstand.

Looking to take your yoga to the next level? Why not try Power Yoga? Take a look at the times offered through instructional programs.

4.      Compete In a Triathlon —Caylea (Cycling Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Trainer)

As a runner and a cyclist, the next step for Caylea is to complete her first triathlon. Caylea likes having something to train towards and is welcoming this next challenge with open arms. We can't wait to see her in action! 

5.      Pick Up Squash With My Dad—Jill (Cycling Instructor)

Spending time with family is definitely on the list for Jill this summer. One way Jill is looking to do this is through squash. Since her dad is a big squash player, what better way to have bonding time, then over a game of squash.

Thinking about picking up squash this summer? Check out our squash court information here.

Want to learn how to play squash? Beginner squash lessons could be yours on Tuesdays at 4:40pm through recreational programming

What's on your bucket list? We want to know! Tweet us or comment below to help yourself stay accountable!

From all of us in Athletics and Recreation, have a fun and safe summer! 


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