Monday, March 3, 2014

Yessica’s Zumba® February/March Playlist

Each month we print off Yessica’s Zumba® playlist for her participants, but this month, we’re saving trees and putting in on the blog so you can search these songs online!

Get ready to dance March away as her songs are sure to get you up and moving!

Bad (Remix by Afrojack)
Michael Jackson
CumbiaTRON (Moombahton Remix)
LeDoom & Tony Mundaca
Bum Bum
Zumba® Fitness
Rompe el piso
Los Matatanes
Bandoleros (Zumba® Fitness)
Vamo a portaros mal
Calle 13  (Zumba® Fitness)
C’est la vie (Vivir mi vida)
Marc Anthony (Zumba® Fitness)
No naci pa’ perder
Zumba® Fitness
Besos al aire
Zumba® Fitness
J Perry (Zumba® Fitness)
Darte un beso
Prince Royce (Zumba® Fitness)
Human nature
Boyz II Men

Let us know which is your favourite!


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  5. I'm not a big fan of zumba moves but suddenly I adore the music! Is it even possible? lol
    ANd what's make it hilarious the music rocks my mind and makes my body move and it doesn't know how to move because I don't know any moves because I don't like zumba. Oh dear..

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