Friday, February 7, 2014

Your Best Bench Press

As Monday is known as “International Chest Day”, we want to make sure you've got a handle on that bench press!

While the bench press is not the only way to work the chest, it has definitely proven to be a popular choice.

We've consulted our PT Director, Leslie, to take us through the basic dos and don’ts along with some alternatives so that you can work those pecs out in style!

When you first sit down on the bench, for a basic bench press, what’s the first thing you should do?

·         Make sure there are safety clips on the bar keeping plates in place
·         Head, between shoulder blades, low back are all touching the bench and both feet are on the ground
·         Hands are slightly wider than shoulder width on the bar
·         Bar is directly above chest
·         Grab a spotter if needed – trainers on floor!

What’s Wrong With The Press On The Left?

·         Humerus is internally rotated and horizontally abducted in the glenohumeral joint –translation = arm is not in proper position in the shoulder joint making you more vulnerable to injury.

·         This incorrect positioning may be why your shoulders hurt when you bench – when the shoulder is in this improper position under load, it puts extra stress on the joint that it is not built to withstand.

What’s Great About The Press On The Right?

·         Tucking your elbows in and setting your shoulder blades down and back will put the shoulder joint in a better position (aka no injuries), and also helps to engage your lats too, helping you load more on your bench!

No Bars Available? Here Are Some Great Alternatives! 

Regular Dumbbell Press

Alternating Dumbbell Press

Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press

Incline Dumbbell Press

When Monday rolls around, you’ll have the best looking press out there!


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